Goat Desolation is an awesome band,
but they’re hard to track down online.


They’ve got old demos on MySpace, band photos on Facebook, a few new tracks on SoundCloud, and tour dates on Songkick — but no single destination for people to learn more about their music!

At HostBaby, we know it’s important for a band to have an online hub — one simple place where fans, bookers, promoters, and reviewers can listen to tracks, read the bio, watch videos, buy the music, and check out upcoming show dates.

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We called Goat Desolation to tell them about HostBaby’s free trial, but sadly, the number listed on their MySpace page has been disconnected.

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*Goat Desolation does not exist. We made them up. On the other hand, you are very real! We want you to succeed with your career. That’s why we created the HostBaby Site Builder: So artists can create a fully customizable social-media friendly website in just minutes. Try it free for 30 days.